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​​Welcome to Alwan Salma!

We are a Beirut-based creative studio and shop dedicated to arts, crafts and all things handmade.

When I founded Alwan Salma in the spring of 2018, it was the culmination of a lifelong dream.

I wanted to provide a creative outlet in my hometown for like-minded individuals - a space for people to gather over their love of fabrics, patchwork, art, anything and everything creative!

Up until that point, I had a career in child education and I'd devoted time to working on my own art, showcasing my paintings and doodles at several exhibitions. In my free time, I was crocheting away, making beanies and scarves for my four children (and later on, grandchildren).

I knew this was something I wanted to do full-time. Crafts make me happy and what is life but the pursuit of happiness and sharing that happiness with others? :)

That's how Alwan Salma came about!

We are a shop and a creative studio. Experts in the field, many of whom I call friends, have taught classes at my studio ranging from patchwork to crochet to calligraphy and painting.

We're based in my hometown of Beirut. Like many in the city, we've been affected by protests, COVID-19 lockdowns and the Beirut explosion.

We are persevering, staying strong and we hope to continue to serve our community.

This is me, Salma :)